Nugget of Knowledge: Crayola to release Colors of the World


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Your child’s new crayons are ready….just color inside the lines.
They come from the Crayola crayon company which says every kid should be able to find his or her skin tone in the crayon box when it comes time to draw a family picture.
Crayola is releasing a box called Colors of the World which comes with two dozen new that are supposed to look like skin tones around the world.
Crayola actually got together with cosmetics expert and chemist Victor Casale, to help create the new shades.
The new crayons come in packs of 24 and 32…and you should be able to find them starting this month.
The 24 count pack includes all the so-called global shades while the larger 32 pack has eight additional crayons for hair and eye colors.
They even come with labels in English, Spanish and French and have names such as extra deep almond, deep rose, medium golden, extra light almond and light medium rose.
Crayola and Casale spent eight months to get the colors right.
Crayons have come a long way…in Crayola’s original 1958 box of 64, you found a crayon labeled “flesh” but that was changed to peach in 1962.

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