Nugget of Knowledge: Coronavirus Myths


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – Some coronavirus myths.

  • A nice hot bath will prevent you from getting the coronavirus…not true, although it may ease your stress.
  • Using a hand dryer will kill the virus. No, it won’t, it’ll just make your hands hot and dry. Also spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body will not protect you from the virus.
  • Some people believe eating garlic will shield you from the virus. It will not, but it may keep other people away from you.
  • Do mosquitoes carry the virus and can you get it if they bite you? No, mosquitoes do not carry coronavirus.
  • You may have heard that light from an ultraviolet lamp can kill the virus. No it will not, it’ll just irritate your skin.
  • Your pets might give it to you. No, the World Health Organization says there is no evidence for that.
  • Keep rinsing your nose with saline…that’ll protect you from the virus. No, that might lessen the common cold but not a respiratory disease, like the coronavirus.
  • Just take huge amounts of Vitamin C for protection. Sorry, that doesn’t work, either.
  • If you can hold your breath for ten seconds or longer without coughing or feeling any discomfort, it means you’re virus free. No, it doesn’t. It only proves you can hold your breath.

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