Nugget of Knowledge: ‘Computer vision syndrome’


(WYTV) – Do you spend a good part of your time staring at computer screens, smart phones and tablets?

Do that long enough and you can come away headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision. Ophthalmologists call it “computer vision syndrome”.

Your eyes have to constantly work to keep focused over the short distance between your face and the screen.

And when watching a screen, you blink three times less frequently…just about five times a minute and that can make your eyes dry and itchy.    

But does staring at a screen lead to nearsightedness or cataracts? Ohio State University did a 20 year study to find any kind of a link.

The researchers said that children who spent long periods in front of a computer screen or a television were not any more likely to need glasses later in life.

In fact, what Ohio State found out was that spending at least 14 hours a week playing outside can cut the chances of becoming nearsighted later.

The theory is that brighter outdoor light levels stimulate the release of dopamine, which slows the growth of the eyeball and makes it less likely to become distorted later in life. A distorted eyeball is what makes you myopic.

To reduce eye fatigue, take a break from the screen every 20 minutes to gaze out of the window for 20 seconds.

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