Nugget of Knowledge: Christmas Trivia


Here is some Christmas trivia to get you in the holiday spirit

A Christmas quiz: true or false

(WYTV) — Here is some Christmas trivia to get you in the holiday spirit.

  • “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” was Gene Autry’s only hit record and he died penniless. False.
  • The most recorded Christmas song of all time is “White Christmas.” Silent Night is the most recorded song.
  • The most popular decoration on a Christmas tree is a star. False, an angel is actually more popular than a star tree-topper.
  • The singer most listened to at Christmas time is Karen Carpenter. False, Bing Crosby is the most listened to Christmas artist.
  • Mrs. Claus appears in songs and stories, but we never hear her first name. False, her name is Jessica, according to the movie, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.
  • The setting for the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story” is Toledo, Ohio. False, the movie takes place in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Santa Claus is real. True, of course! He is a version of the third century monk, St. Nicholas

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