Nugget of Knowledge: Christmas creep


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(WYTV) — The holiday season seems to arrive earlier each year. That phenomenon is known as the Christmas creep.

Christmas tunes began playing on the radio in late October, exactly two months before Christmas, but before Halloween, breaking the Halloween barrier.

Then, the store ornaments go up immediately as the Halloween decorations come down.

However, the Christmas creep is not a recent concern, but has been a complaint in America since the 19th century.

A November 1885 newspaper ad warned its readers to, “start their Christmas shopping now!” Another ad ran in October, 1912 saying, “time is running out to shop!”

In Great Britain, people actually worry a lot about Christmas creep. A popular department store in London, Selfridge’s, started selling Christmas knick-knacks last August.

The Christmas lights along London’s most famous shopping street, Oxford Street, were switched on Nov. 1, the earliest set-up to date.

People in the U.K. have started their own “Black Friday” tradition, sharing the day with this U.S., even though the country does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

So, the Christmas creep is nothing new and is a shared experience beyond the States.

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