Nugget of Knowledge: Chef Boyardee


This chef was born in Italy in 1897 and came to this country in the spring of 1914. 

He earned a reputation when he was still young as a great cook at the Plaza Hotel, the landmark resort by Manhattan’s Central Park in New York City. 

He was head chef there before his 18th birthday, and then he moved on to cook at the Greenbrier, a famous hotel in West Virginia.

In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson married Edith Bolling at the Greenbrier, and this chef catered the event.

At the end of World War One, President Wilson hosted a homecoming meal at the White House for 2,000 returning soldiers, and this chef catered the event.

By 1924, he and his family and his brothers and their families came to Cleveland, where they opened what was the city’s first Italian restaurant.

You eat his canned pasta today: Chef Boyardee, otherwise known as Chef Ettore Boiardi. He changed his name to Hector Boyardee so Americans could pronounce it without mangling it.

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