Nugget of Knowledge: CERN conspiracy?


What is CERN up to? CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, set up in Switzerland. Twenty-two nations belong to it, and it carries an important research in nuclear physics.

It’s a huge laboratory that can accelerate subatomic particles and smash them together to understand how the universe formed and discover new particles.

Here come the conspiracy theorists.

CERN scientists had trouble turning on the machine, and some suggested that a time-traveler from the future was returning to our time to deliberately sabotage it in order to prevent some disaster. 

It didn’t work; the collider began running in 2012 anyway.

In November 2016, some theorists said CERN’s collider caused earthquakes in Italy and crazy weather everywhere.

Another theorist warned that aliens could invade Earth by using the collider.

The CERN scientists do say they’re trying to create tiny black holes, and in doing so, others warn that the collider is opening up portals to other dimensions or a portal to hell.

And the best of all: the collider has spun Earth into an alternate timeline — a timeline so strange that Donald Trump is president. That wasn’t supposed to happen at all. 

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