Nugget of Knowledge: Businesses’ early histories


(WYTV) – The marketplace is changing all the time, and the most successful companies learn to change with it.

Let’s show you some examples. We’ll call it “first they made:”

— Casio now makes calculators. It started in 1946 as a cigarette holder company.

— Starbucks sells coffee. The first store in 1971 in Seattle sold roasted beans and espresso machines.

— Nokia makes cell phones. It started in the paper mill business in 1865.

— Nintendo makes video games. It first sold vacuum cleaners, instant rice and playing cards.

— Suzuki makes motorcycles. It began by manufacturing looms for the Japanese silk industry.

— Hasbro, the toy giant, started in 1923 selling school supplies.

— Samsung sells flat screen TVs. When it began in 1938, Samsung sold dried fish and packaged noodles.

— Wrigley will sell you gum today, but in the 1890s, it sold only soap and baking powder. It gave away free packets of gum with each purchase. 

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