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Nugget of Knowledge: British phrases


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – ‘Blokes’ is another word for ‘men.’ Britain doesn’t have bachelor parties, but rather ‘stag nights.’ Other terms they use for men include chap, Barnet, GQ, geezer, lad, pet, fella and lovey.

‘Utterly knackered’ is when you can’t stop yawning, and it sounds better than whining about how tired you are.

Are you feeling ‘miffed’? That means you’re slightly perturbed.

‘Bollocks!’ is an angry outburst, rubbish or just a false.

‘Chuffed to the muff’ means you’re pleased with yourself, you nailed that work assignment or knocked half a minute off your morning run or your forecast was spot on.

‘Mind the gap’ is a charming way to say “look where you’re going.”

In the United States, ‘I’m pissed’ means that you are angry. In England, it means someone is drunk.

A ‘snog’ is another term for a kiss.

‘Sod off’ or ‘bugger off, already,’ means that ‘we are done here.’

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