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(WYTV) — What’s the best breakfast and how large should it be?

Breakfast can help your concentration, memory and it can regulate your blood glucose levels throughout the day.

How about a healthy fry-up? Sure, it’s all about how you cook it. Use a healthy oil, or grill your breakfast.

A bit of bacon every now and then is fine, just remove as much fat as you can.

Baked beans are great in the morning, so are eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

How about cereal? Many breakfast cereals are chock full of sugar. For some, sugar makes up more than a third of the total content, so look carefully at the labels.

Go for low-sugar, high fiber cereals.

Go easy on the fruit juice. Many juices contain the same amount of sugar as cola. A piece of fruit is better.

We usually eat half our calories at dinner and just 16% at breakfast.

But, if we eat more in the morning, and less later in the day, it can help with weight loss. Your body is primed to eat early in the morning to give you energy to get through the day.

In the evening, the body prepares itself for an overnight fast. It breaks down its stored energy, such as fat and glucose, to use as fuel while you sleep.

So late eating can interfere with this process.

If you’re trying to lose weight, a bigger breakfast and smaller dinner is the way to go.

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