Nugget of Knowledge: Bologna


American’s favorite cold cut is bologna. We eat 800 million pounds a year or 70 slices for every person per year.

Sausage of one type or another has been around since at least 900 BC.

Homer mentions them the Odyssey, and many are named for their city or state of origin, such as bologna for Bologna, Italy; salami for the ancient city of Salamas on Cyprus; braunschweiger for Braunschweiger, Germany; and Lebanon bologna from German immigrants living in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Packaged cold cuts can actually be fresher than meats sliced at the deli counter.

Cold cuts are vacuum packed in airtight containers within seconds of slicing at the meat plant, and they’re sliced in chilled rooms to reduce bacteria.

What’s in the average cold cut? 

It’s 95 percent meat, 3 percent salt, 1 percent sweetener and 1 percent flavoring or cure. 

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