Nugget of Knowledge: Blue and the airlines


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

What to most airlines have in common?
So-so food, cramped seats and restrooms…and seat color.
Most airline seats are blue….there’s a good reason: it’s the most practical color.
Blue seats are among the easiest to keep clean or at least look clean.
Blue allows smudges and stains to blend into the fabric the way a white or darker seat would not.
Many people associate the color blue with peace, well-being, calmness…all things you’d want airline passengers to feel.
Psychologists say blue also symbolizes trustworthiness.
People associate blue with positive things, clean water and blue skies, so they tend to like it…in fact, across all ages and cultures, blue is the world’s favorite color.
The outside of your plane is almost always white or mostly white.
Airlines are painted white to reflect sunlight and to make it easier to see cracks, dents, and oil stains and fix the problem quickly….and should a plane go down in some remote spot, you’ll see a white fuselage and wings more easily.

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