Nugget of Knowledge: Bird behavior



You’re walking down a crowded sidewalk and you’re about to walk head on into someone coming directly toward you….and then you do this little dance around each other…you’re not sure where to walk…to the right…to the left?

How about a sky full of birds?

They never seem to collide with one another?

A study from an Australian university found that birds have a simple and efficient strategy for avoiding mid air collisions.

Almost every time, birds flying toward one another veer to their own right.

The other times, one flies above the other…but usually it’s a right hand turn.

How birds make this decision, we’re don’t know.

Pilots are taught to avoid head on collisions by turning to their right…but biology invented this rule for birds millions of years ago.

Cardinals and several other bird species sometimes cover themselves in crushed or living ants, smearing them over their feathers…it helps get rid of lice and other parasites.

When they nap in groups, the ducks on the outside of the circle keep guard by sleeping with one eye open.

Even those on the inside sleep with one side of their brain awake.

Hummingbirds are incredibly lightweight…the average hummingbird is weighs less than a nickel.

The smallest weighs less than a penny.

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