(WYTV) – What’s your favorite seat on a roller coaster? Is there a best seat? Depends on what you want.

The front seat offers the best view, of course and you get to see what’s happening before the rest of your fellow riders do. You feel like you’re leading the charge.

Or go for the back seat because it offers more air time: your butt will hang in the air off your seat for much longer on those hills and drops. And those sitting in the last car in the line always experience the fastest ride and who doesn’t want fast on a roller coaster?

As your coaster tops a hill, the front car will seem to hang over the edge, but the rear car will whip over much faster.

The middle seats have the weakest ride in terms of view and speed but they’ll give you everything the seats in the front and the back do at just a little less intensity. A ride in the middle makes you feel less isolated. Try it if you’re unsure about the very front or the very back.

It’s also good if your coaster is at full capacity. It doesn’t mean a slow journey, but the opposite.

When a ride is full the faster it will move and the rides also feel faster at night.

When the sun is down, your distance perception decreases and your ability to see what’s coming up on the roller coaster track dwindles.

The drops will seem longer, the twists feel tighter at night.