Nugget of Knowledge: Batman’s utility belt


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – What’s in Batman’s utility belt?

The answer is anything and everything he needs.

Detective Comics # 29 first gives Batman a belt with one tool: a rope with a grappling hook attached.

Later comics pictured the crime fighter with a belt full of tools to fight crime, including but not limited to a gas pellet, a mini Geiger counter and shark repellent. 

Those comics also gave him tools to combat certain criminals, such as an antidote to the Joker’s Joker toxin and a Bat-heater to combat Mr. Freeze.

Batman also lugs around on his belt a first aid kit containing basic surgical tools and various anti-toxins, an acetylene torch, a forensic kit for analyzing crime scenes, keys for the Batmobile, a breathing device in case he’s caught underwater, Batcuffs, a lockpick, a high-resolution camera and that familiar grappling hook.

Look closely and you may see his numerous darts and pellets to subdue or stun criminals, a flamethrower, a remote claw, napalm, explosive gel and grenades of various type.

Last but not least, as George Clooney showed us in the film “Batman and Robin,” he has a Batman credit card with unlimited funds, and he never leaves home without it. 

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