Nugget of Knowledge: Bagels


January 15th is National Bagel Day

(WYTV) – This Nugget of Knowledge is all about the bagel!

The word bagel comes from the German word for bracelet and the Yiddish word for ring. They’ve been around since the 1600s.

So it must come in the shape of a ring or bracelet to be a bagel.

The buzzed bagel can really boost your morning.

Molecular biologist Robert Bohannon invented the buzzed, caffeinated bagel in 2007. It actually contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee! You can buy it at his shop in Durham, North Carolina.

Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before it’s baked. Bagels are dipped in boiling water for three to five minutes before going in the oven to get their golden exterior.

Bagel-makers in the early 1900s worked in teams of four.

Two people would make the dough, giving bagels their shape. One person boiled them, and the fourth person baked them.

Bagels went to space!

Canadian born astronaut Gregory Chamitoff brought 18 sesame bagels from a bakery in Montreal with him on his journey to space in 2008.

The hole in the middle is there for a purpose. The hole increases the bagel’s surface area and allows for more crust formation and helps it cook faster.

Old-time bagel sellers used to place them on a wooden rod and sell them in city streets, so the hole was helpful for that.

Despite all the bagel flavors you can enjoy from blueberry to the “everything” bagel, the most popular choice is plain, followed closely by sesame.

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