Nugget of Knowledge: Auld Lang Syne and other fun facts


What does Auld Lang Syne translate to in English?

(WYTV) – Here is some trivia to cap off the decade and give you talking topics for wherever your New Year’s plans take you:

What did boxer Jack Johnson invent? The wrench.

Katy Perry’s song “Swish Swish” was a criticism of which other singer? Taylor Swift.

What nation invited Albert Einstein to become its president in 1952? Israel.

How does Major League Baseball remove the gloss from new balls? With mud from the Delaware River.

The ingredients in Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for teething babies in the 1860s? Morphine and alcohol.

Why are flamingos pink? They eat algae and crustaceans with red pigment, which turns their feathers red.

What unusual animal did Lafayette give to President John Quincy Adams? An alligator.

What year did the post office issue the first Christmas postage stamp? 1962 — and it cost four cents.

Where can you find an elf school to learn all about elves and how to spot them? Reykjavik, Iceland.

Which famous singer nearly ran over rapper P. Diddy in a golf cart? Adele.

What does Auld Lang Syne translate to in English? “Days gone by” or “for old times’ sake.”

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