Nugget of Knowledge: Airline secrets


The coldness on airplanes is for your own good

(WYTV) – Here are some fun facts about flying:

Your seatbelts have what’s called a lift-lever instead of a button release. That’s to make sure something in the cabin doesn’t fall on it, accidentally pressing a button.

Ever notice how airplane cabins can become very chilly? That’s for your own good.

A pressurized and warmer cabin can increase your risk of hypoxia. That’s when your body’s tissues can’t get enough oxygen and you faint.

Turning down the thermostat can help prevent passengers from passing out.

Passengers might feel colder because they’re just sitting; they can’t warm up by moving around.

Some passengers complain of bland airline food.

The airline stewards must serve hundreds of hungry flyers at once, so to keep lingering meals from drying out, the meals often come drowning in sauces.

And the dry cabin air tends to suppress your sense of smell so you don’t taste sweet and salty flavors as much. It’s not so much the food as it is you.

Ever wonder why cans of tomato juice can be popular?

The same dry air that affects your sense of smell and makes the food taste unappetizing actually improves the flavor of tomato juice. It can really stand out.

And, do you ever wonder what those chimes mean that you hear from time to time?

It’s a code. For example, some chimes from the cockpit might ask the galley about the food supplies. Three chimes might tell flight attendants that turbulence is ahead, alerting them ahead of passengers.

The code differs among the airlines, so don’t read too much into it. If you hear just one note, it might be the pilot asking for some coffee.

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