(WYTV) – Here’s a collection of little-known facts:

Juicy Fruit gum, Cracker Jacks and the Ferris wheel all made their debuts at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

According to a 2014 study, mozzarella makes the best cheese for topping pizza. It melts just the right way.

The word “dude” originated in the 1800s as an insult to men overly concerned with the latest fashion trends.

The Vatican’s bank is the only one in existence that allows ATM users to perform transactions in Latin.

Double Stuf Oreos are only 1.86 times as stuffed as classic Oreos — not double.

Japan is home to about a dozen cat islands — places where cats significantly outnumber people.

Referees get Super Bowl rings, too.

A group of clowns is sometimes called a giggle.

The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer.

The annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York.

We invented booze before we invented the wheel.

Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died July 4, 1826 — exactly 50 years after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Spiders recycle webs by eating them.

Chinese checkers was invented in Germany.

The first Hershey’s chocolate bars with almonds were produced in 1908 because they were cheap to make. The nuts took the place of some of the more expensive milk chocolate, which meant Hershey’s could keep the price of the candy at a nickel.