(WYTV) – You really wouldn’t want to live in the past. It Was too stinky back then. It was like living your entire life in a men’s room. people simply did not bathe.

Queen Elizabeth I said she did take a bath once a month, whether she need to or not. Her dad, King Henry VIII, was even smellier. It was said he had an open festering wound on his leg that you could smell three rooms away.

Bad breath was very common, too. French king Louis XIV was famous for his halitosis. For oral hygiene, people dug through their teeth with toothpicks.

There was garbage everywhere so cities smelled of rotten food. A typical 19th-century New York City street had corn cobs, watermelon rinds, and fish heads along with dead cats, dogs, rats and pigs, and lots of manure.

In 1835, New York had about10,000 horses, dropping 400,000 pounds of poop every day.

The early Industrial Revolution put out dense volumes of black suffocating smoke along with stifling fumes. Compared to those days, we smell like paradise.