Nugget of Knowledge: 2-liter bottle history


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Why does soda, or pop, come in liters?

There are several reasons for this.

Before 1970, all of our soft drinks came mostly in glass bottles and all were sold by the ounce or the gallon.

But the early ’70s saw something new: the plastic bottle and soft drink makers decided it was time for a product change.

At the same time, the government was starting to push the idea that we should be going metric, and the environmental movement really got going.

So the Pepsi company decided to start offering soft drinks in plastic bottles, cheap and recyclable and go metric.

It invented the two-liter bottle — about 67 ounces or five and a half cans. It became very popular, and the soft drink companies started to offer the same thing.

It was a metric measurement we didn’t mind.

Today, wine, liquor and bottled water come in milliliters, but good old milk, that’s still quarts, half gallons and gallons.

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