(WYTV) – Here are some of the new words now appearing this month in the Oxford English Dictionary. The new words total nearly 700 and here are a few plus the Oxford definition.

Air fryer: “A small convection oven, used to fry foods using very little oil”
Captain Obvious: “a sarcastic or disparaging name for someone who makes an obvious or superfluous statement”

CODA: Stands for the organization called Children of Deaf Adults, formed in 1983, and it means “a person who has one or more parents or guardians who are deaf or hard of hearing”

Crash diet: “A diet intended to result in a very rapid weight loss over a short period of time”

Dap: “A casual gesture of greeting, such as a fist bump”

Final girl: “A female character in a film who survives to defeat or evade the attacker after all the other characters have been killed…she is intelligent, serious and pure”

Halfsies: “Halves; two equal shares or parts;” Scottish term for “a hypodermic injection, especially a vaccination”

Keep cup: “A reusable cup”

Mononym: “A one-word name, usually a celebrity”

Pinkie promise: “A promise made while linking one’s little finger with that of another person…it’s binding and sincere”

Porch pirate: “A person who steals parcels that have been delivered and left unattended
textspeak: “the language of text messaging with all its abbreviations, acronyms, emoticons or emojis, etc.”