New words added to the dictionary


(WYTV)- Merriam Webster has added hundreds of new words to its latest edition, more than 400.

Even something that sounds silly may be in there if enough people are using the word. Many reflect the times in which we live, with coronavirus and people still working from home. Let’s try some of these new words on for size.

AIR FRYER (N.) – You’d think this one was already in. An airtight, small electrical appliance that cooks your food with hot air and a fan.

AMIRITE (INTERJ.) – “Am I right?” Sounds like some sort of new mineral. No, it’s a slang term you slap on at the end of anything you’ve just said. Hey, am I right?

BREAKTHROUGH (N.) – In medical terms, someone who is vaccinated and who still catches a virus.

COPYPASTA (N.) – Data that’s been copied and spread widely online, often a source of misinformation or urban legends.

DAD BOD (N.) – The physique of your average father. This slang dates back to 2003.

DIGITAL NOMAD (N.) – You do your work entirely over the internet while traveling.

DOORBELL CAMERA (N.) – A small camera on your door with a built-in microphone and speaker.

FLUFFERNUTTER (N.) – The word for a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich, fluffernutter dates back to 1961.

FOURTH TRIMESTER (N.) – That recovery time, say three months or so right after childbirth.

SUPER-SPREADER (N.) – An individual who is highly contagious and who can spread diseases to a large number of people.

TBH (ABBRV.) – Abbreviation of “to be honest.”

VACCINE PASSPORT (N.) – Some document on paper or a digital document proving you’ve been vaccinated.

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