New technology makes diagnosing cancer faster


A technique called digital pathology makes it possible

(WYTV) – How long does it take to diagnose a possible cancer case? Days? Weeks? And after that, how long does it take to get a second opinion?

How about just hours to wait for a result?

A technique called digital pathology makes it possible.

Cancer experts have been and are using this technique at Ohio State University and its James Cancer Hospital.

Even though it’s quick, the oncologists say it’s accurate.

“With this technology, we actually can take the slides and digitize them and review and get them internally reviewed by a second pathologist,” said Dr. Anil Parwni of the James Cancer Hospital.

The old way of diagnosing a possible cancer case could take weeks.

We used to take tumor cells, place them on glass slides, examine them under a microscope and then sometimes mail them away for a second opinion. And then wait, and wait.

Digital images are far easier to store, share and access.

They allow patients to start therapy even sooner.

And the Ohio State University Cancer Center has rapidly expanded its digital pathology program during the pandemic because some people have been missing their routine screenings.

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