Neurologists urge people with epilepsy to be careful during COVID-19 pandemic


The virus can actually bring on seizures, even in those who don't have epilepsy

(WYTV) – November raises awareness for epilepsy — a disease that affects the central nervous system and causes seizures.

Neurologists say it’s especially important for those with epilepsy to be extra careful against the coronavirus.

The virus can actually bring on seizures in those who don’t have epilepsy, but the cause is still unclear.

“We’re not exactly sure how COVID causes seizures,” said Dr. Stephen Hantus, with the Cleveland Clinic. “It gets in there, we think, into the nervous system by either causing a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier by producing too many cytokines, which then causes inflammatory changes which affect the brain.”

Someone with epilepsy doesn’t need this added danger.

They’re no more at risk of getting the virus than anyone else, but they still need to be a little extra careful.

It’s also important to make sure you’re not skipping doctors’ appointments due to the pandemic.

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