Nervous about heading back to the office after working from home? Psychologists say that’s normal


(WYTV) – Life before the pandemic is returning. We don’t see many people wearing masks anymore and many of us are heading back to the office.

For some who have spent the last year or so working from home, this will be a welcome return to normalcy. Others could be feeling anxious. Psychologists say feeling a little nervous is perfectly OK.

“There is a wide range of emotion,” said Dr. Susan Albers, with the Cleveland Clinic. “Some people are very excited and others are very nervous. In some ways, it relates to your ability to adjust to new situations, and this is a new and unprecedented situation for all of us.”

First, give yourself time to readjust. Think about what exactly is bothering you and try not to judge others when you see them wearing a mask.

You might want to rearrange your desk or move chairs a bit farther apart.

If you feel like your stress and anxiety aren’t going away, you can always talk to a medical professional who can offer some advice.

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