(WYTV)- Our national anthem is known as the Star Spangled Banner and it has four versus and we usually sing the first, skipping the last three.

Now what if your country’s anthem had no lyrics at all?

For example, the Spanish national anthem is one of the few national anthems with no words. It’s just a tune called the Royal March. So you’re watching the Olympics or the World Cup and Spain wins something and you’re watching the Spanish athletes and they look like they’re refusing to sing their national anthem, their lips are sealed.

They have no choice: how do sing a song with no words? Do you just hum? The Spanish have done that, yes but players usually stand in silence.

The Royal March was composed in 1761 as a march for the Spanish Infantry. King Charles III later named it his nation’s anthem. Some have tried to write lyrics over the years but the Spanish government never accepted them.

Who else has a national anthem with no words?

These countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, that’s one country, Kosovo and San Marino, that’s a tiny country in the middle of northern Italy.