MS and COVID-19: Cleveland Clinic study finds treatment can be more difficult


The study looked at 1,600 MS patients who had COVID-19 to see if their condition increased risk of complications

(WYTV) – You may have heard that if you have multiple sclerosis, you might be at greater risk of catching the coronavirus. But is that true?

A study from the Cleveland Clinic shows some encouraging results when it comes to COVID-19 and people with MS.

“It doesn’t appear that having MS increases the risk for more complications, the rate of hospitalization, the rate of needing a ventilator, artificial ventilation, the rate of ICU admission and the rate of death,” said Dr. Robert Fox, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “They were all very similar to what we’ve seen overall in the North American population.”

Fox said the clinic looked at data from more than 1,600 MS patients with COVID-19.

They did find that some MS therapies, such as the use of steroids, can make treating an MS patient with COVID more difficult.

For those unfamiliar, MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord.

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