Mosquitoes love sweat and beer? Here’s what attracts those pesky bugs


(WYTV) – Here’s the buzz on mosquitoes…

They love it when we work up a sweat. You exhale carbon dioxide and that attracts them. The harder you breathe, the more CO2 you emit, so you’re a great meal after a jog.

The male mosquitoes do not eat human blood. They get all their nutrition from plant nectar. The females need your blood, which contains a protein that helps egg development. After a female bites, she can lay between 100 and 400 eggs.

Drink beer, and that’ll bring on the mosquitoes. Beer changes your skin chemistry and lures them right in.

The mosquito’s favorite body part to bite is your hand, then your feet — especially if they’re smelly and sweaty.

If you’re at an outdoor party, stay in the middle of the group. Don’t be a wallflower. All of those people are breathing out carbon dioxide, attracting lots of mosquitoes. But the bugs tend to stay on the perimeter of the crowd and not dive into the middle.

Keep your landscaping trim. Mosquitoes prefer thick, overgrown vegetation — the darker and more humid, the better. Mow your lawn, skim your pool, trim your bushes.

Make sure your repellent contains DEET or picaridin. Mosquitoes are not fans of lemon eucalyptus either.

Do you use a trap in your yard that emits CO2? It may attract more mosquitoes than it’s able to trap, so you’d end up having a surplus of them.

Those ultraviolet bug zappers do work, but only a fraction of the pests they kill are mosquitoes. In fact, they’ll zap a lot of bugs that eat mosquitoes.

Are you pregnant? You will breathe out more carbon dioxide and your abdomen is nice and warm. That’ll draw mosquitoes straight toward you.

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