Missed medical screenings over the pandemic could have tragic consequences


(WYTV) – As more of us are getting the coronavirus vaccine, doctors are urging us to catch up on the appointments we may have missed — some of which are very important.

Electra Paskett is a breast cancer survivor who has spent her career in the Columbus area, advocating for cancer prevention, especially in communities where people don’t often go to the doctor.

The pandemic and its effects on their way of life made for difficult choices.

“For them, going to get a mammogram, Pap test or a colon screening test is not the first thing on their list,” Paskett said. “They’re worried about other things. For example, food, or their job or child care.”

Cancer screenings dramatically decreased during the pandemic, which could lead to a spike in later stage diagnoses in the coming years.

Cancer specialists urge those who have put off their screenings to get caught up as soon as possible. They estimate delays in cancer screenings over the past year could account for 10,000 deaths from breast and colorectal cancers alone over the next 10 years.

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