Milk sold in a bag


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If you’ve ever been to Canada, you may have noticed something peculiar to our eyes anyway about how they sell their milk in grocery stores.

You won’t always find milk in a familiar carton or jug but you may find it in a nine pound clear plastic bag.

Milk in bags? Yes, here’s why.

The giant Canadian food and packaging company called DuPont did use glass bottles at one time.
But they were never cost efficient and then Canada converted to the metric system in 1970. It was much easier to go along with the new metric units in bag form than it was to redesign and manufacture all new bottles and jugs.

So, the plastic milk bag was born and half of all the milk in Canada is still sold this way.
Today, drinking milk out of a bag is most popular in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes.
And bagged milk is also common in India, China, Russia, and plenty of other countries around the world.

It’s cost effective and better for the environment.

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