Canfield doctor talks about medical marijuana in Ohio


Dr. Denise Bobovnyik gives us a quick update on medical marijuana in Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – In 2016, Ohio passed a law that medical marijuana would be legal in the state, and in 2019, the first dispensary opened.

Canfield Dr. Denise Bobovnyik stopped by Daybreak’s studio to give an update on medical marijuana in the state.

THC is what gets you high while using marijuana, while CBD does not get you high, though they are both used to treat pain.

The cannabinoid systems in our body affect things like appetite, pleasure, thinking and memory. Marijuana is used to treat over 100 illnesses related to appetite and pain.

You can only receive “recommendations” from doctors, not prescriptions, because marijuana is still federally illegal.

In Ohio, you cannot smoke marijuana, but you can ingest it or “vape” it.

Bobovnyik said more studies are needed to determine the effects of medical marijuana.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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