Masks aren’t just for COVID — they can help with this common ailment, too


And it doesn't matter which kind of mask you wear

(WYTV) – We’ve been told over and over that wearing a mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19, but a mask might be good for something else, too.

If you have allergies, the mask should help control them. A mask can filter the allergens and prevent you from breathing them in.

“Masks can actually cover your nose and mouth, and that’s usually the way we get all the pollen into ourselves, and it can cause the symptoms of itchy eyes, itchy nose, stuffy nose, dripping and draining,” said Dr. Sandra Hong, with the Cleveland Clinic. “So if we cover our nose and our mouth, it protects us from getting some of that pollen into us.”

For allergies, it doesn’t matter which kind of mask you wear. A study showed both a standard surgical mask and an N95 mask can reduce nasal allergy symptoms. A cloth mask may also provide some protection.

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