(WYTV) – Could smoking and vaping be helping to spread the coronavirus?

There may be a strong relationship between cigarettes, e-cigarettes and the coronavirus, particularly in teenagers.

Researchers surveyed more than 4,000 teenagers and young adults, looking for a link between COVID-19 and the use of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

The coronavirus was seven times more likely to appear among young people who smoked both types.

When people smoke and vape, the act itself can spread the virus.

“These patients put their hands to their mouth, and they might not wear the mask at the same time or they can’t,” said Dr. Fariba Rezaee, with the Cleveland Clinic. “The other problem is that, especially with the teenagers, they share this product with each other, so that’s another risk factor.”

Any type of cigarette use can damage the lungs to the point where people can face a difficult illness and recovery.

So smoking a cigarette or e-cigarette puts you at greater risk of more severe diseases.