(WYTV)- You’re out to buy a car, new or used and the salesperson says let’s go for a drive.

What happens if you have an accident?

Each state has different laws that say who’s responsible….your insurance or the dealer’s insurance.
Nine times out of ten, if you are test driving a new or used car from a dealership, the dealer will have an insurance policy that covers all of the cars and trucks and SUV’s on the lot, even if you’re off the lot when an accident happens.
The insurance companies consider car dealerships specialized markets that need specialized insurance.
It’s always a risk to let just anyone come in off the street and drive a new ride, the salesperson is sizing you up, how likely you are to buy a car that day?

It’s common for dealerships to photocopy your driver’s license for their records, just in case anything happens on the test-drive and it usually has a route marked out beforehand, it has right hand turns to keep you as safe as possible.

What would happen if you were out on a test-drive and you got a speeding ticket? Most of us would have the usual choices: pay the ticket or fight it in court. Unless you’re the CEO of sports car manufacturer Lotus.

Jean-Marc Gales talked his way out of a 102 mile per hour speeding ticket in Norwich, England. He told the judge he was testing one of the company’s newest cars and the judge said, okay.