(WYTV) – Fun in the sun. That’s what your kids are looking forward to, but watch out for heat illness and dehydration.

If your child looks tired, cranky or fatigued while outside playing, those could be symptoms of dehydration. But a real red flag is exhaustion and vomiting.

These are dangerous signs of possible heat stroke and could mean a child is fluid deficient and his body temperature is too hot.

“When you see a kid that’s in the heat and they’re vomiting, that’s a tell-tale sign that that kid is in trouble. The first thing you need to do is cool that kid down,” said Dr. Richard So, a physician with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.

Water is always best for battling dehydration in kids, but sports drinks or even an ice cream cone can help cool them down from the inside out.

For heat cramps, they’ll need electrolytes and salt. Ice, a garden hose or a pool are good ways to quickly cool a child’s body temperature. But if you see a child slipping in and out of consciousness, get medical help right away.