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Len Rome’s Local Health: Working from home


Is your new office the kitchen table? That can't be very comfortable

(WYTV) – How’s working from home working out for you?

Is your new office the kitchen table? That can’t be very comfortable. Whether you’re working in the kitchen, or on some folding table in the bedroom, a workspace setup, something you just threw together, can lead to common aches and pains.

“You lost a nice desk height.You lost a good office chair. You lost your desktop computer and are now using a laptop more frequently and this leads to kind of three areas which I’ve really seen an increase in kind of musculoskeletal complaints,” said Andrew Bang, a chiropractic doctor at the Cleveland Clinic.

You might suffer neck, back and wrist pain. Changing your position throughout the day can help and give fatigued muscles a break.

If your wrist is sore from using a laptop touchpad, a keyboard and mouse can help ease discomfort.

Once you change position, muscle injuries should feel better in a few days. If your pain lingers, change your work setup and do some stretching.

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