Len Rome’s Local Health: Women and alzheimers


Two-thirds of alzheimer patients are females

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Two-thirds of alzheimers patients are females.

They live longer than men, and living longer makes them more vulnerable.

They may not be as physically active as men, which is another factor as well as a loss of estrogen at menopause. That can also impact their risk for alzheimers, but women can take action with exercise, which benefits the brain and reduces stress.

Dr. Jessica Caldwell, Cleveland Clinic said, “Really, the key is being consistent, so doing something that you can maintain and keep up for not just a week or a couple of weeks, but for a lifetime. Research has shown that even low-intensity exercise like walking, if you do it consistently, really benefits brain health.”

Treating diabetes and high blood pressure can reduce risk as well and a heart healthy diet is good for the brain, too.

Social interaction is also important as well as calling someone. Facetime is the better option, but meeting in person is the best. Remember to reach out, keep talking and keep moving.

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