(WYTV) — The nice weather seems to have settled in and it may give many of us the energy to finally start exercising and eating healthy again. Where to begin?

We may have been hibernating for months and we’ve got to start somewhere. Don’t get caught up in the number on the scale — focus on improving your overall health. And how do you do that?

“Number one, make realistic goals that you can actually achieve,” said Kristin Kirkpatrick of Cleveland Clinic. “So, that might mean instead of saying, ‘Oh I want to lose thirty pounds before summer,’ maybe make a goal to lose one pound in the next week. And then you keep adding to those goals.”

Some other tips include rethinking your comfort foods and switching to healthier options.
Get rid of any temptations. Supportive friends and family can always help.

Don’t let fad diets fool you, especially those that promise immediate results. You can’t eat like that for long, and you may wind up gaining even more weight back in the long run.