(WYTV)- Let’s talk for a moment about this second booster shot the government wants us to take for COVID-19

That would be four altogether. Are you up for this?

It’s for those 50 and older and also anyone age 12 and older who have trouble with their immune systems. The second booster is designed to increase your antibody response that may have weakened over time.

“It’s best to think about vaccines in terms of prevention instead of waiting for a massive wave of cases to get here, especially for these individuals that we’re mentioning here who are at the highest risk of complications from COVID infections,” said Dr. Kimberly Giuliano of the Cleveland Clinic.”

Both the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration have said okay to the second booster shot, that’s Pfizer and Moderna. Next up: the next booster for people younger than 50.

Here’s what the government wants us to remember: Vaccine effectiveness grows weaker over time and that opens the door to booster shots all the time just as we get a new flu shot every fall.