Len Rome’s Local Health: What masks are the most effective?


One recent study looked at 14 commonly used masks

(WYTV) – Few of us leave the house without a mask these days, but is your mask homemade or store-bought? What type of mask provides the best protection?

One recent study looked at 14 commonly used masks. With the exception of the neck fleece, pretty much all cloth masks perform better than we originally thought.

“The spread of the virus really goes down in areas where people wear masks and it goes as down as four to five times reduced risk of infection when people in the community are wearing a mask than when they’re not wearing a mask,” said Dr. Raed Dweik from the Cleveland Clinic.

What’s best? The fitted ‘N-95’ mask was most effective, and surgical and cloth masks performed well too. However, the bandanna, knitted mask and neck fleece were least effective.

You should wear a mask over your mouth and nose to be most effective.

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