Len Rome’s Local Health: What do we know about Covid-19?


Virus mutation is common

(WYTV) – So what do we know so far about this coronavirus? Everyday, doctors learn something new.

Experts believe this virus has changed somewhat.

The strains we’ve seen are all pretty much the same, but that’s to be expected.

Dr. Frank Esper says virus mutation is common.

“The virus itself is still mutating. It’s still changing a little bit and strains, as you go from place to place, from China, to Italy, to the United States, may change to the point where you see a more predominant strain in one country than another, but we haven’t seen a substantial divergence of this virus into two separate entities.”

The virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets that hang in the air after coughing and sneezing, that’s the primary way it’s spread now, more so than touching door knobs and tabletops.

Each infected person can transmit the virus to two or three other people, that’s why separating yourself from others is effective and important to stop the spread of the virus.

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