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Len Rome’s Local Health: Wearing a mask


The spread of the virus goes down by mask-wearing

(WYTV) – Are you wearing a mask these days?

A cloth face mask is a physical barrier between you and other people, meant to trap large respiratory droplets.

They do work. The virus spread goes down when people wear masks.

Does that mean if you have a mask on then you don’t don’t have to worry about keeping a social distance? No, stay apart anyway.

“Masking by itself is not enough. It’s really part of what we call, kind of, a ‘package deal’ to, kind of, try to minimize the spread of the virus. Masking is one, the second is social distancing – keeping six feet apart or more if you can, and of course washing and sanitizing the hands,” said Dr. Raed Dwiek, Cleveland Clinic.

Here’s a myth: wear a mask only if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Regardless, keep it on. Not everyone who is infected gets sick, and people may spread the virus before they have symptoms.

There aren’t many reasons to avoid a mask, unless you have a rare allergy to the material.

Your mask should cover your nose and mouth. If it’s bothering you, or making it harder to breathe, step away from others and remove it for a short time.

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