Len Rome’s Local Health: Was your resolution to be more active this year?


Doctors say, any amount of running can link with lower risk of death

(WYTV) — Did you make a resolution to be more active in 2020? You might want to consider running.

One recent study suggests running, even in small doses, may help you live longer. Any type of exercise is healthy, but running is a terrific whole-body workout.

“It’s a great cardiovascular exercise because it takes a lot of work for you to move through space with that quick repetitive kind of motion. There’s a lot of work done by your quads, by your gluteal muscles, and by your core to keep you upright. Running is kind of coordinated falling, so it’s actually a pretty complex mechanism for the body,” said Dr. Dominic King at The Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say, any amount of running can link with lower risk of death.

Start out slow because some running is better than no running at all. Beginners can consider starting out walking and jogging before moving on to full running.

Find a good pair of tennis shoes and do one lap around the block to see how you feel.

It is always a good to talk to your doctor to make sure running is a safe option for you.

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