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Len Rome’s Local Health: Virtual health visits


How to prepare for a virtual health visit

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Technology is making it easier to get together with others, including our doctors.

But you should prepare for that virtual health visit. If you happen to already know your vital signs, like your blood pressure, great.

Make sure to prop up your device so your doctor can see you properly.

Dr. Neha Vyas, Cleveland Clinic, said, “We can actually evaluate how you’re breathing, if you’re using any other muscles for anything; we can evaluate for any lumps in your neck. So, it’s very helpful to have yourself positioned – not in bed, not lying down – but actually sitting up, just like you were in a doctor’s office.”

Have your medications with you so your doctor can go over what you’re currently taking.

Keep paper and a pencil nearby. That way, you can take notes during your visit and if you forget to mention something, you can always call the office afterward to follow up.

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