Len Rome’s Local Health: Using humor to cope


It helps to laugh and share humor with people we care about

(WYTV) – We’re dealing with a pandemic, which is serious stuff. Most certainly not a laughing matter.

However, we all need to find ways to cope with the coronavirus limitations.

Psychologists say that during difficult times, it helps to laugh and share humor with people we care about.

“Humor is considered to be a very sophisticated psychological defense against tension and threat. And so, I think doses of humor are good for us. I think it is a way to activate good brain chemistry and actually protect ourselves with better immune function. Humor is really good medicine,” said Psychologist Scott Bea.

You can watch movies or shows with family, or tune into late night comedy programs to ease tension and strengthen bonds, especially when we’re being asked to spend time apart from those we love.

It is also a good idea to find ways to exercise to help boost your mood. A walk in the fresh air should be just fine.

It helps to remember that everyone is experiencing something disappointing right now. Sometimes all we can do is smile.

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