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Some patients may benefit from ultrasound therapy after carpal tunnel surgery

(WYTV) – We can use ultrasound for many therapeutic purposes. It works by raising the temperature of a certain area of body tissue to reduce pain and help it heal.

We know some patients may benefit from ultrasound therapy after carpal tunnel surgery, a surgery that sometimes brings pain and very sensitive skin.

“There’s a little crystal inside our transducer head that pulsates over 20,000 pulses per second. That high frequency can help to break up scar tissue that has formed after your carpel tunnel surgery. The other thing it can help to increase circulation by heating,” said physical therapist Janelle Van Otterloo.

Our nerves are some of the slowest healers in the body, including the nerves involved in carpal tunnel surgery. The pain will not affect the outcome of the surgery but it can last up to nine months.

Most patients notice benefits after three to four sessions so if you’re going to have carpal tunnel surgery and are worried about soreness and sensitivity afterwards, talk to a physical therapist about ultrasound.

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