(WYTV)- Do you have a pain in your wrist from time to time?

It may be what orthopedic surgeons call ulnar wrist pain. Many things can bring it on.

And we have several ways to treat it. Bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments can all be sources of ulnar wrist pain. First, let’s find out where you feel it.

“Ulnar wrist pain is a small area right here, it’s from the pinky side of your hand. and it’s from this little knobbly bone called the ulnar to this area here. It’s very, very common,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sanj Kakar of the Mayo Clinic.

You might have fallen on an outstretched hand. But if you play tennis or hockey or lift a lot in your job, you may get it. You’ll feel ulnar pain turning a door knob, opening a jar, or pouring a glass of water, any twisting motion. We can treat it with aspirin…rest it, ice it, put it in a compression sleeve and elevate it.

But if it doesn’t get better and if you have lingering pain, a  health care team, led by a hand and wrist specialist, may recommend hand therapy, a wrist brace, injections and possibly surgery.