Len Rome’s Local Health: Trampolines


Just be careful when you jump

(WYTV) – Here’s a fun way to work off some energy: visit a trampoline park as they open. There are a few in the area.

Just be careful when you jump.

The American Academy of Pediatrics looked at how we can hurt ourselves on trampolines.

Kids can hurt themselves breaking their fall with their hands.

Parents should have ground rules in place and the kids should understand them.

“As long as you are appropriately supervised, there’s only one child, there’s appropriate fencing around it and there are specific rules about how you jump, how you fall, more importantly,” said Dr. Purva Grover of the Cleveland Clinic.

And since the weather’s nice, kids are back jumping on trampolines in their own backyard where there may be a whole lot less supervision.

An adult should be watching children of all ages playing on a trampoline. An adult can make sure there is first aid available and take the child to a doctor if there’s a serious injury.

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