(WYTV) — Sugar — boy, do we love eating it — and you have no idea how much you’re eating every day.

Added sugar in foods not only adds extra calories, but it can also lead to tooth decay and bring on the risk for heart disease. Minimizing the amount of added sugar in your diet is important.

Some foods you may think are healthy contain added sugar. If you’re trying to spot it, check out the nutrition food label. You might be surprised by what you see.

“In many things you wouldn’t even suspect: some sauces, some dips, some spreads. … There’s added sugars in almost every category of food products out there,” said Dr. Donald Hensrud, editor of “The Mayo Clinic Diet.”

You may think you’re making healthy choices, but certain salad dressings, condiments, canned soups, and even granola and protein bars can be sneaky sources of added sugar. And it can add up fast.

Pay close attention to food labels and try to eat foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruits, which are low in calories and contain vitamins and minerals.

Keep this bit of knowledge in mind: anytime we process foods — and we eat a lot of processed foods — we add things to it, and it’s often sugar.